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Webster Cook. Remember him? He’s the student who took a communion wafer back to his dorm room and started a maelstrom at the University of Central Florida and beyond, received death threats from Catholics, and was facing expulsion from his university. At the very least, he was facing impeachment from his role as Student Government Association senator.

So what happened to his position in the student government?

The Senate was set to vote on three different charges, however it only took a two-thirds vote on any one of the three to remove Cook from office.

Cook was found guilty of the second charge. The charge was for misfeasance, which is defined by SGA as a lawful act performed in a wrongful manner by a Student Government official in execution of his or her duties.

The vote on the charge of misfeasance was 22-7-1 against Cook. After the vote was tallied, Cook was officially removed from office.

It seems absurd to think what he did was done with any bad intentions. If anything, he was being peaceful while attending a church and representatives of the Catholic Church on his campus were the ones causing a disruption. Listen to his interview on Freethought Radio (MP3, beginning at the 18:30 mark) to hear what I’m talking about.

The student government has no business voting on whether a communion wafer is actually the body of Christ, and if they’re not doing that, it’s hard to say what exactly Webster did wrong. As a result, he shouldn’t be found guilty of anything.

Webster doesn’t deserve this stain on his résumé.

And if students at UCF want to avoid further embarrassment, they should vote any anti-Webster representatives out of office during the next election.

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