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This painting of a crucified Jesus at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Oklahoma is making some people really upset.

I can’t understand why…

Artist Janet Jaime modeled the art after the San Damiano Cross:

See? Just abs.

But that’s not stopping others from seeing what they want to see:

Molly Jenkins said she attended a funeral at the church recently and immediately noticed the crucifix.

“I was appalled at the sexualization of Christ,” said Jenkins, who is not Catholic.

The crucifix hanging at St. Charles Borromeo resembles other San Damiano crucifixes except for Jesus’s abdominal area, which is noticeably more pronounced than on similar crucifixes.

I find it hilarious that this is the first non-child-raping story I’ve heard about the Catholic Church in weeks… and it’s still about a penis.

(Thanks to Kimberly for the link!)