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The latest issue of Wired magazine (September, 2007) has a brief list of the “World’s Lamest Social Networks” on page 52.
On that list?
The Richard Dawkins Social Network:

What It Is: A place for fans of The God Delusion‘s author to meet and greet
Who You’ll Meet: Humorless atheists
What’s Annoying: Don’t these people realize the earth is only 6,000 years old?

Humorless?! Someone seems to have the impression that atheists are constantly pissed off… absurd, I tell you! Just absurd.
(Actually, I don’t know how reporter Mathew Honan got that impression from looking at the social network’s website… if anything, it’s a haven for pictures of smiling, laughing atheists.)
And it can’t be lame… I’m on it!
Now, so are you.

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