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Once, there was a hilarious website called Fundies Say the Darndest Things! which chronicled embarrassing quotations said by Fundamentalist Christians in chat rooms, blog comment threads, and their own websites.

On March 1st, the website went into “read only” mode unable to be updated.

It’s been a good run, but the FSTDT archive is going into readonly-mode effective Mar 1, 2009. Thank you everyone who has contributed to the archive over the years 🙂

Was FSTDT coming to an end? Not quite.

A new site popped up in its place (with a slightly different URL) — but it was missing the Top 100 quotations and the look and feel of the old site. (Maybe that was a good thing.)

That site is slowly getting back up to speed. When the new site began, webmaster Distind wrote this:

No, I’m not going to let the site die
No, I didn’t have anything to do with it
No, I don’t know what it happend
Yea, I am working on getting it all back up, in fact, I may manage more here in a few weeks.

He’s getting there. Within a week or two, voting will be allowed again and a new top 100 will be born.

So what went wrong with the old site?

The old owner of the site decided to shut it down, plain and simple. Distind, an administator for the site, says in an email that he wasn’t informed about this, but he did have access to the database and managed to save the archives just in time. The old owner hasn’t been reachable for several months now.

All hail Distind for salvaging a wonderful collection of bad evidence and weak arguments.

Check out the new site, donate to it if you’d like, and let Distind know if you have any suggestions.

Now, the more important question: How can he make money off the new site…? It’d be nice to see it succeed and not have to worry about someone taking it down. If the site saw a profit, that would definitely help.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can see some of the best FSTDT quotations acted out here.