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I didn’t watch Dateline Friday night, but when Jon Montgomery, the Salt Lake City Freethinking Examiner, sent me the link, I made the mistake of checking out the transcript.
I read the whole damn thing in one sitting. (Curse you, Jon.)
In short, a woman named Faylene died several years ago — she drowned in a bathtub with Ambien pills at her side. Days earlier, she had fallen 60 feet off a cliff (a tree may have saved her life). Her husband Doug was the prime suspect in her death — even his 911 call is in question. However, Faylene’s own writings in the days before her death indicate that she was ready to leave this world, in part so she could meet her not-yet-born child who was in the state of pre-existence. (Thank you, Mormonism.)
The most compelling part of the case is that it’s possible her husband did not kill her directly, but manipulated her enough so that she believed she needed to die. And her “talks” with God (not surprisingly) confirmed exactly what she wanted to believe.
The transcript notes:

Was Faylene divinely inspired? Brainwashed? Suicidal? Or all three? The detective knows what he thinks.
[Reporter] Josh Mankiewicz: You think if she jumped or deliberately fell [off the cliff], it was because that idea was placed in her mind by her husband?
Det. Sy Ray: Absolutely.
In other words, he thinks it was an attempt at murder by manipulation. A brilliant — if diabolical — plot.

The full video will be up on the Dateline website on Monday. But the transcript makes for some great Sunday reading.