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Mojoey shares an awesome story, an excerpt of which is below:

The homeless man spoke to me again, “Please, is there anything you can do? I’m starving.” I was conscious of the fact that I was stuffing a chicken strip in my mouth as he asked. The guilt hit me like a physical force. I Immediately offered my lunch. He jumped off the divider and ran to my window. I handed him what was left of my lunch. He actually said, “Are you sure? This is your lunch.” I told him that I could get more. He smiled, bumped my fist, and ran across the street with my delicious lunch held to his chest. As I turned the corner, I saw him noshing away in the shade of a sign…

This happened after a woman driving a car plastered in Christian bumper stickers didn’t give the man anything.

Does anyone else have similar stories (of giving to someone who needs it more, I mean, not necessarily of Christians not doing good)?

(via Deep Thoughts)