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I’ve posted before about atheists in relationships and dating someone religious.

It doesn’t always end well.

You date someone who is religious and says she’s fine with your atheism… then, later on, it blows up in your face.

At least that’s the case for this reader, who just ended things with her girlfriend:

There were several incompatibility issues, so it was inevitable, but the final reason is what turned my initial relief into anger — she started lecturing me on how God doesn’t approve of our relationship (she’s been struggling with being Catholic and mostly preferring women for years now), and how God wasn’t happy with her and me, and how I needed to find Him! … Then she started going on and on about Easter! After putting up with my own guilt growing up Catholic and still sometimes having trouble with it… now I have to listen to someone go on about her invisible friend, and how my sexuality and hers is wrong because of that “friend”? I wanted to scream.

Has this ever happened to anyone — you date someone with different beliefs, and at first you think those differences are ok, but eventually, they become a problem?

Besides just breaking up, how do you deal with it?