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There’s a (very, very) long anti-Scientology article by Lawrence Wright in the latest New Yorker that deserves a skimming.

I won’t go into detail here — but I think several of you have experienced something similar to Paul Haggis in this passage:

[Haggis] was born in 1953, and grew up in London, Ontario, a manufacturing town midway between Toronto and Detroit. His father, Ted, had a construction company there, which specialized in pouring concrete. His mother, Mary, a Catholic, sent Paul and his two younger sisters, Kathy and Jo, to Mass on Sundays — until she spotted their priest driving an expensive car. “God wants me to have a Cadillac,” the priest explained. Mary responded, “Then God doesn’t want us in your church anymore.”

I love the smell of blatant religious hypocrisy. It’s even better when religious people see it for themselves.