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From a reader:

Reading about Damon Fowler reminded me of an issue I’ve been thinking about a lot over the years. Damon is lucky to have his brother to take him in and defend him, but many teenagers coming out as an atheist or LGBT don’t have a safe place to get away from abusive parents outside of a court order.

I remember a friend of mine in my home town who came out as gay when he was 16. He was put under house arrest by his parents, forced to go to therapy, and cut off from all communication with friends. When he tried to go to the police in my small, religious town, the police just sent him back. Obviously, there are many situations in which there many not be a safe environment for teenagers to turn to, both before and after they are 18.

I don’t have much to offer, but I would gladly offer someone like Damon my couch if he had no where else to turn. I wonder if there is an organization that could offer support, finding temporary homes for teenagers whose parents or guardians have forsaken them. If there is, how can we get them more publicity?

If you know of a good group like this, or advice for teens in that situation, please leave your thoughts in the comments.