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WordNerd and her fiance (“IP”) are going to have a fabulous atheistical wedding.

But they may have to do it against her mother’s wishes:

… IP and I are atheists and are adamant about using someone who understands and respects our viewpoints — and I’ve always said that ceremony without meaning is useless to me, so I could never stand in front of a priest and vow before friends and family and a god I don’t believe in that I’ll be IP’s partner for life. I’m vowing it to IP and I think that’s enough. Anyway, when speaking to one coordinator today, she inquired as to what type of ceremony we’d be having. When I answered neutrally with non-religious, the coordinator pressed. “Are you Catholic and your fiancé is . . .” she trailed off, sensing a difference in upbringing. “We’re both atheists,” I said with a polite smile, indicating that there was no conflict between the future husband and me.

“No, you’re not,” my mother immediately jumped in, flushing red and looking angry. I gave her a quick look and answered that we wouldn’t talk about the subject at the moment. The coordinator hid a grin as my mother glared at me… It was one of those moments where I fervently wished for the day that my mom would recognize that I was a thinking human being who can make her own decisions, especially about my belief system. I don’t think that’ll happen in regards to the Catholicism bit. However, it doesn’t matter in this situation — IP and I will have our non-religious ceremony come hell (hah!) or high water.

Good for her 🙂

For those of you who have had non-religious wedding ceremonies, did you have to deal with any complaints from friends or family members?