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Rachel Held Evans urges pastors to tell their congregations the truth instead of hiding their true feelings:

Tell us the truth when you don’t know the answers to our questions, and your humility will set the example as we seek them out together.

Tell us the truth about your doubts, and we will feel safe sharing our own.

Tell us the truth when your position is controversial, and we will grow braver along with you.

Tell us the truth when you need to spend time on your marriage, and we will remember to prioritize ours.

It’s a nice idea, to think that pastors could be honest…

But it won’t happen.

Their entire careers are built on the idea that lies sell much better than the truth — and sometimes, they’ll delude themselves so much that they sincerely believe everything they preach is the truth.

You want the truth?

Here’s what most pastors will never tell you in church:

  • Sometimes, abortion is the right choice.
  • All the evidence we have points to the truth of evolution.
  • Gay people getting married won’t damage your heterosexual marriage.
  • It’s just a wafer.
  • Jesus ain’t coming back.
  • When I say “I’ll pray for you,” I don’t actually do it.
  • That cancer you have isn’t going to be cured by God. Let’s hope you have good doctors and better health care.
  • Some of the people in this church are assholes.
  • The contradictions in the Bible really can’t all be reconciled.
  • The Democrat is the better candidate.
  • You all need to stop typing with the CAPS LOCK on.

What else do many pastors think but so few ever publicly admit?