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Salon interviewed author Richard Rodriguez about Proposition 8, among other topics.

He offers a different take on why the church continues to oppose gay marriage:

As the American family fractures and the majority of women choose to live without men, churches are losing their grip on power and scapegoating gays and lesbians for their failures.

The possibility that a whole new generation of American males is being raised by women without men is very challenging for the churches. I think they want to reassert some sort of male authority over the order of things. I think the pro-Proposition 8 movement was really galvanized by an insecurity that churches are feeling now with the rise of women.

I still believe the Christian Church will get over this. As a new generation of leaders takes over, the Church will become less homophobic. It’ll take time, but most younger Christians don’t see any contradiction between what the Bible says and same-sex marriage. They support marriage, period.

(Thanks to Rose for the link!)

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