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Mark at Proud Atheists raised this question the other day: “Why do Christians visit atheist blogs?”

Some of them do it to preach via comments, we know that.

But others have reasons we should take pride in — They find something on our blogs that they don’t find elsewhere. One commenter (a practicing Jew) pointed this out:

When Creationists try to shove their views down our throats, when religious beliefs endanger the lives of others, and when people can’t seem to keep their personal beliefs where they belong, I’ll typically find the atheists discussing it first.

I still haven’t found any Christian blogs that criticize other Christians for their actions on a regular basis (as opposed to an occasional press release by a moderate Christian group). If there are some, I’d love to know what they are. If they don’t exist, that’s a gap in the Christian blogosphere that someone would be smart to fill.

(Thanks to Asad for the link!)