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Evangelical Christians are supposed to be all about love and family, right?

Maybe one of them can explain the “Christian thinking” in this story.

Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins were lesbians who were joined in a civil union 10 years ago. A couple years later, in 2002, a child was born to Miller via artificial insemination.

In 2003, Miller and Jenkins separated and Miller became an evangelical Christian… which meant she also started renouncing homosexuality.

So what happened when Jenkins wanted to see her daughter, Isabella?

Miller refused to let Jenkins see the child because of her sexual orientation. To make it worse, Miller “disappeared” with the little girl. (Newsweek published a piece about the couple last year.)

Think about that action.

Jenkins, the mother, couldn’t see her child because her former partner became intolerant of gays. Isabella wasn’t allowed to see one of her parents because of the other’s bigotry. The family had to go through messy court proceedings for several years.

I’m not a Bible expert, but I don’t think this is what Jesus had in mind.

The law favored Jenkins, thankfully, and the other day a judge awarded her custody of Isabella.

I don’t know what Miller was thinking. She probably thinks she’s a martyr of sorts because she was keeping her daughter away from the “evil gays.” It’s the same type of mentality held by people like Carrie Prejean — faulty thinking from simple minds.

So Jenkins now has custody and that’s the right decision. But it’s not the best one for the child. (I don’t know if there’s any good solution for Isabella here.)

All this because Miller’s beliefs teach her that there’s something wrong with homosexuality.

Craig James at The Religion Virus doesn’t understand this at all:

Why must these conservative Christians be so hateful of other people’s lifestyles? This is not true Christianity, and I hope real Christians across the nation condemn this act, and all acts of intolerance and bigotry.

I hope that, too.

But they won’t.

Christians who hide behind these decisions without saying a word are cowards. They’re just as bad as the pastors who come out and say there’s something abnormal or evil about homosexuality. If you belong to a church that espouses these lies about gay people, you need to grow a backbone and get out of there. And please take your children with you.

We don’t need a country full of Lisa Millers.

We need concerned, loving parents like Janet Jenkins.