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I got to meet Nica, the author of Nothing: Something to Believe In at a book signing tonight. There was a nice sized crowd there, too, which was fun to see.
It was bigger than the crowd at my most recent book signing…
(*Hemant shakes fists at you*)
By the way, Nica also recently took part in Book Expo America, where she was part of a panel on the “rise of atheism as a religious subcategory in publishing.” Christopher Hitchens and Victor Stenger were also panelists.
She writes about the experience here.
The best part is this line, which got a nice round of laughter from the audience:

I was commenting on the atheist books out there today, and said that some of them weren’t even very — pause and glance at Hitchens — nice. The savvy literati crowd burst into laughter — and Hitchens joined them. For a bunch of grumpy men raging against the machine, I brought them together.

It’s quite the accomplishment making Hitchens laugh, considering that (as Nica mentions in her article) he thinks women aren’t funny.

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