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Many of you had thoughts on whether or not you’d allow a stranger to pray over your baby.
Reader Ruby Leigh wonders if a particular twist on the prayer would change your mind about it:

I just read the piece about the Wal-Mart woman praying over Lulu without request… I can understand how this would be off-putting… and perhaps a bit weird.
I used to be involved with a Christian community that really encouraged asking people if they wanted prayer (like while you are out on the street). They said that people are more receptive to this than other forms of so-called “evangelism.” So in the case where the stranger asks to pray, is it less uncomfortable?

I’m guessing if asked, many of you would just say no. But would the asking of the question make you any more willing to accept their prayers (even if you don’t think they’d do anything)?
Would anything make you more receptive to their prayers?