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Well, Dusty‘s not about to win over any Christian fans. In fact, he’ll probably piss off a handful of atheists with his abrasive style.

But it’s hard to disagree with what he says: Christians can’t “have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ” because it’s always a one-way interaction. (Possible NSFW language.)

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If you could have a one-way personal relationship with somebody, then that means I have a personal relationship with every girl in every porn video I have ever seen.

And that’s a hell of a lot of women. Because Dusty loves his porn.

Have you ever gone over to Jesus’ house and played Halo: Reach?

Have you ever had to punch Jesus in the nose because he slept with your sister? … Of course not! Because Jesus is a fictitional [sic] character who lives in your head.

(via Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?)