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YESTERDAY was Valentine’s Day – and a contant reminder of the fact was the huge number of young Spanish lads strolling around a shopping centre on the outskirts of Benidorm with brightly-wrapped gifts and beautiful bunches of red roses.
But the mischievous glint in their Hispanic eyes indicated they had no idea that – over in the UK – it was also the launch of “Purity Day“. And if they did know, they would have slapped their thighs and howled with derision.
Aping the US’s Liberty Council-inspired Purity Day, a rag-tag of loopy British fundies, including Festival of Light veteran Steve Stevens – 91 and still trumpeting about immorality in general and homosexuality in particular – decided that February 14 would be a good day to begin turning Britain into a hotbed of chastity.
The event, hardly surprisingly, drew very little media coverage – but it did come to the attention of The Guardian‘s Sophia Deboick, who wrote an informative piece on the history of St Valentine’s Day.

Steven Stevens

In it she revealed that:

Stevens was a co-organiser of the 1971 Nationwide Festival of Light – a string of rallies and events reacting against the perceived negative effects of the “permissive society” on the British media, backed by Mary Whitehouse, Malcolm Muggeridge and Cliff Richard.

Now Stevens is supporting the Day of Purity as a further blow against the “darkness of depravity”. The Pastor of Norwich Reformed Church, the Reverend Alan C Clifford, is another supporter, and has emphasised the campaign’s role in reaffirming “the authentic Christian view of sexuality” in the face of “the current and growing crisis over STIs in the UK and elsewhere, exacerbated by government-promoted sexual deviance”. He has contributed a “True Christian Safe Sex Guide” to the campaign website, denouncing “fornication” and homosexuality and the toleration of both by “trendy liberal clergy”. The Reverend Clifford is the author of virulently anti-Muslim tracts, and Christian Voice’s Stephen Green, another rightwing Christian who views Islam and sexual immorality as twin evils of apocalyptic proportions, has also come out in support of the day.

On the Day of Purity’s website, Stevens says:

In the early 70’s I was challenged by our Lord to be involved in launching a National – indeed International outcry against the the darkness of depravity – “The Festival of Light
With the Trumpet call of Love, Purity and Family life, the Nationwide Festival of Light (Nfol) managed to mobilise tens of thousands of people throughout Britain for public rallies, torchlight processions and meetings throughout Britain. Tens of thousands participated in  public rallies and meetings across the UK.
The permissive 60′s pierced our Christian heritage. Today the situation is far more serious, perversion is rampant and even Christian consciences have been seared with compromise.  I urge you all to take up the baton and fight the good fight of faith and stand up to prevent our Nation collapsing.