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Another short one this week. Birthday shenanigans tonight, Depeche Mode tomorrow, and a day away in Oxford on Sunday.


Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and joins Nicaragua and Syria on the outside. Syria was and still is experiencing a civil war, so weren’t expected to sign, and Nicaragua didn’t sign because it felt that the measures did not go far enough, as noted in Time. So the US is the only country on the outside for ideological reasons.

Almost exactly a decade ago a video was put out by a high school science teacher attempting to neutralise the partisan arguments. It has had almost seven million views. Below is part two which, in effect, contains part one, and goes further in taking the politics out of the decision, thereby making the correct course of action clear.

Spoiler: the correct course of action is not to pull out of the Paris agreement for any reasons other than those cited by Nicaragua.


YouTube video


To head off two obvious (but trivial) objections:

  1. Yes, it’s a click-baity title
  2. Yes, the most terrifying thing about it is ‘production values’ – but “sobering” doesn’t get views.