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I was hanging out with my kids the other day and my daughter said that I’m a radical.

Radical? That doesn’t sound right.

And then I started reflecting on the words that come out of my mouth hole. It could be she’s onto something.

What are your favorite ways of saying “Fek the system?” Here are a few of mine.

I stopped equating a person’s value with that person’s net worth.

I find asking what someone is passionate about far more interesting than asking them what they do for a living.

You aren’t your parent’s religion.

Late-stage capitalism looks a lot like early-stage German National Socialism.

It’s almost as if the Catholic Church, Wall Street, and cops aren’t willing to police themselves.

Coworkers who say, “Happy Monday!” are simping for capitalism.

Every day I squeeze the slave out of myself.

Most people are so beholden to an abusive system that they will defend it.

The United States is a business that owns a military.

I don’t know, maybe someone needs to John Brown this sh*t up.

Just to offer some clarification, #7 is a condensed quote from Chekov, #8 is a distilled quote from Morpheus ala The Matrix, and #9 is a spin-off of a George Carlin observation. Oh, and I spouted #1 at a job interview just a few weeks ago. (I got the job.)

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