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I was banging out this list the other day and decided to ask some of my fellow bloggers to contribute. Their names are in parenthesis after their clever contributions. Maybe you’ll click the link in their names and check out their material? It’s not a bad idea.

  1. Because I’m Black and if he exists, he’s shown he’s racist. (Alix Jules)
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Iran
  4. The Islamic State
  5. Mississippi
  6. Ayatollah Khomeini
  7. Osama bin Laden
  8. TD Jakes (Alix Jules)
  9. Ted Cruz
  10. Overton Window
  11. Better jokes than humanists
  12. Pedophile priests
  13. Televangelists
  14. Apathy by the populace concerning the intolerable
  15. Ken Ham’s Ark Adventure
  16. Because the idea of sin ruins the lives of people. (Kaveh Mousavi)
  17. Being told I’ll pray for you.
  18. Being an annoyed agnostic atheist
  19. Remembering what it was like to be 7 and having the crucifixion vividly described to me.
  20. The bigotry against atheists by the Boy Scouts of America
  21. Silence is complicity.
  22. Carnivorousness. (John Pearce) 
  23. Antitheism is about not being ashamed of the math.
  24. Backbone and spine 100% intact.
  25. Better memes
  26. Because religion has been the greatest ally of the oppressors throughout history.(Kaveh Mousavi)
  27. I don’t have to lie to my kids.
  28. I’m not in the closet.
  29. Richard Dawkins
  30. Christopher Hitchens
  31. Raif Badawi
  32. Because as a trans person, religion is anti me. (Callie Wright) 
  33. That Dolon Hickmon episode.
  34. Because religion builds communities, not in inclusion but exclusion. (Kaveh Mousavi)
  35. Living honestly.
  36. Others who can’t live honestly without getting punished.
  37. Standing up
  38. Speaking out
  39. Because murderers like Cyril, nasty people like Mother Theresa, and pedophile protectors like John Paul get named as saints. (Andrew Spitznas)
  40. The U.S. Constitution
  41. The Enlightenment
  42. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos
  43. The Crusades
  44. Jihad
  45. Patriarchy
  46. Misogyny
  47. Christianity throat fucking me
  48. Because Latín American teachers still get censored if they indirectly cause students to have real questions about the beliefs their parents often literally beat into them. (Luciano Joshua Gonzalez) 
  49. I don’t like bullies. Church
  50. 9/11
  51. The Atheist Pig
  52. Jesus and Mo
  53. MoCartoons
  54. To me, the very concept of an all-knowing, all-seeing God who has always existed is patently ridiculous. (Stephanie Savage)
  55. George Carlin
  56. Bill Hicks
  57. Dave Allen
  58. Bill Maher
  59. Joe Rogan
  60. Penn Jillette
  61. Ian Harris
  62. Keith Lowell Jensen
  63. Steve Hill
  64. Seth MacFarlane
  65. Ricky Gervais
  66. Jim Jefferies
  67. Tim Minchin
  68. Anthony Jeselnik
  69. Every Sperm is Sacred
  70. The Holy Hand Grenade
  71. The Spanish Inquisition wasn’t that much of a surprise.
  72. The Life of Brian
  73. 78 Reasons. (Peter Mosley)
  74. The Bible
  75. Gay Rights
  76. Transgendered Rights
  77. North Carolina
  78. Fake guilt over imaginary wrongs, while crimes against humanity are perpetrated shamelessly. (Andrew Spitznas)
  79. Being a member of the atheist wing of the atheist movement.
  80. Being a member of the Bernie Sanders-y wing of the atheist movement.
  81. THIS. 
  82. THAT. 
  84. Because I still see the horrific ills of dependency on minority communities. (Alix Jules)
  85. I still see how religion is used to defraud people of their successes or their potential. (Alix Jules)
  86. Because the idea of sacred stifles thought. (Kaveh Mousavi) 
  87. Martin Luther
  88. Pogroms.
  89. Gott mit uns
  90. The whole Book of Job. God had to get Satan to test Job by killing the guy’s kids? How about a surprise quiz? Get that #2 pencil out and show your faith?
  91. I’m on the winning side of history.
  92. If I believed in make-believe monsters, I’d want someone to tell me they weren’t real.
  93. The jokes write themselves.
  94. Rush. (The band)
  96. That homophobic crap I said when I believed.
  98. Jesus should’ve talked a lot more about basic sanitation.
  99. 613 divine laws?
  100. Because of the Holy Spirit activating.

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