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Halloween will soon be here. The midterm elections will soon be here, too. predicts Republicans have a 45% chance of winning the Senate and an 81% chance of winning the House. A House full of Republican Christo-fascists is as scary as a house full of Michael Myers.

But what are these right-wing religious zealots afraid of?

Here are four Halloween costumes that put fear into the hearts of the GOP.

The Uterus

Evangelicals know voting uteruses can destroy their chances of destroying democracy.

Joe Biden

He defeated Donald Trump, passed landmark legislation, and is currently humiliating GOP ally Vladimir Putin. Very scary!

Science literate kids

Science literate kids today means science literate voters tomorrow! And that’s deadly to a political party that thinks climate change is a liberal conspiracy.


Evangelicals can’t stand this hippie who teaches to be kind to immigrants and turning the other cheek. How can you turn the other cheek when you’re shooting someone with an AR-15?

In related news, this Christian influencer got holy water breast implants.

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