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Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday. In my humble opinion, the entire month of October should be dedicated to the fun. Fun fact about me, my favorite costume is to dress like an office worker and quote Edward Norton from Fight Club.

Enjoy these 4 perfect Halloween costumes for 2020!


Super Spreader (Melania Trump)

This Melania Trump wig will pair well with that special coat that proclaims to the world “I don’t care. Do You?” Late-stage capitalism meets old school gold digger with this ensemble!


The Economy

“But, the economy!” is the rallying cry of Republicans everywhere who want everyday workers to get back to work during a pandemic. Don the dark robe, grab your sickle and terrify everyone who can’t work at home.


Teachers are back in schools and teaching and providing our children with the ABCs of horrible public health policy. This hazmat suit costume will double as a face mask, too!


Proud Boy

Do you want to represent the premiere white supremacist group, the Proud Boys? Don this old school, Wizard of Oz  flying monkey costume and proclaim how you’re a “Western chauvinist” and that the “West is best.”

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