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The NRA brands these 5 guns “For the fetus who may love their mom but doesn’t trust her 100%.”

With the Supreme Court shooting down Roe vs Wade, it seemed only logical for gun manufacturers to create firearms to protect life in the womb.

The only thing that will stop a bad mom is a good fetus with a gun.

NRA President Andrew Canard

Here are the top 5 guns for fetuses as rated by the National Rifleman’s Association.

The STNGR AR-15 Free Float Handguard HWK – You need the free float handguard while floating in amniotic fluid.

Ruger .22 Six Shooter – For the fetus who wants that classic Western firearm look.

Wilson Combat Sig P320 – It’s not a man-stopper; it has mom-stopping power.

“Baby Hands” Snubnosed .38 Special – Perfectly sized for wee hands.

T-34 Russian Tank – Many consider this the tank that won WW2. It’s what your favorite fetus wants.

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