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Money saving hacks are designed to give you simple ways of keeping more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket. With the inflation rate hovering at 8.5% it’s more important than ever to ensure you are financially healthy.

When life in the United States is politically stable, the money hacks offered by financial gurus are relatively simple. They consist of bringing your lunch to work, paying off your highest interest credit card first while paying the minimum on the others, and using passive means of stashing away cash through services like Acorns.

However, times are not politically stable. As reported by The Guardian, more than 40% of Americans think a new civil war will wrack the country in the next 10 years.

In the poll by YouGov and the Economist, 65% of all respondents said political violence had increased since the start of 2021. Slightly fewer, 62%, thought political violence would increase in the next few years.

Participants were also asked: “Looking ahead to the next 10 years, how likely do you think it is that there will be a civil war in this country?”

Among all US citizens, 43% said civil war was at least somewhat likely. Among strong Democrats and independents that figure was 40%. But among strong Republicans, 54% said civil war was at least somewhat likely.

Scholars do not believe Americans would see a do-over of the first Civil War when a mass of states left the Union to become the Confederacy. Rather, it’s more than likely that if a new civil war does erupt it will look like long-running conflicts featuring citizen militias rather than large professional armies.

Professor Andrew Canard teaches economics at Miskatonic University. He specializes in the economies of warring countries. “Sure, it’s going to be a mess, but there are still money saving hacks that will allow you to do better than the average victim of a society gone mad.”

Here are his 5 suggestions.

Leave the country. NOW.

Pretend you’re on a vacation. If you leave now, then think about the money you won’t have to pay human traffickers later!

Create a cult.

The most powerful force in human society is faith. Even when the chips are down true believers will give their leader money, food, shelter, and whatever they need to survive!

Say NO! to money.

During peace times it makes sense to earn and invest money. But not during a civil war! Think about investing in skills, like identifying dangerous situations quickly, running away faster than others, and hiding.

Learn to laugh.

It’s tough to get health services that won’t break the budget in America when times are good. During Civil War 2 the old adage, Laughter is the only medicine! is more true than ever.

Get more ink out of that printer!

Even in a civil war, you will need to print. Save ink by switching to dark blue after running out of black!

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