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Many Republican politicians are distancing themselves from President Trump’s anti-mask policy. Facing a surge of COVID-19 cases, the GOP is making its own line of face masks to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Here are 5 of them.

The Traditional

Traditional Christian medicinal practices have been resurrected for the apocalypse. Put on the armor of God and this awesome mask!

The Karen

A perfect mask for calling the police, talking to the manager, and not seeing systemic racism.

The Late-Stage Capitalism 

Late-stage capitalism is scary and doesn’t want you to understand you’re getting screwed by late-stage capitalism. So it’s very, very quiet.

The Karen 2

The original Karen was so popular another mask designed to say “How white can I be?”

White Lives Matter 

Hey, want to go protest that Black Lives Matter rally but afraid of losing your job? This mask is for you!


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