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7. Volunteer to drive them to the airport, grocery store, or church. Once they are in your clutches blast this classic tune from 1972, Impeach The President.

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6. Change the ringtone to your phone to Greta Thunberg saying, “You ruined my life.” Make sure you get a lot of calls at Thanksgiving dinner.

5. When your Trump supporting relatives one to visit make sure you this cleaning instrument is in plain site in the bathroom:

4. Did your Trump supporting relative pay more in taxes under the GOP tax cut? A lot of people did. However, you may have paid less in taxes. (I got a bigger refund last year.) Thank Jesus for the extra cash when you lead the family prayer at Christmas.

3. Wear this shirt or hoodie. When asked if it’s referring to President Trump be passive aggressive and say,”It could be about any Republican in power.”

2. Tell them this classic joke:

Why did the chicken run cross the road?

Bone spurs will get a chicken out of Vietnam but not slow it down.

1. Give his kids Trump Cards for Christmas!

From the description:

  • Trump Cards reveal the truth of Donald Trump’s collusion with foreign nations, betraying the United States of America.
  • Extraordinary details of Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, and grounds for impeachment.
  • 52 customized poker cards, plus 2 jokers, one per character in Trump’s scandalous presidency.
  • Trump Cards will make anyone an expert on Trump’s lawless presidency faster than you can say “IMPEACH!”
  • Filled with detailed info and lots of snark!

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