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The Chaos President Cold Open – SNL is funny and weird.

I don’t want to give too much away before you take a gander.

So gander on!

YouTube video

Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live’s team of writers hit the right notes by highlighting Trump’s strategy of chaos. The man dominates the news cycle over and over again. He hopes to capture enough hearts (not minds) with his antics to win a second term.


You don’t think he’s winning people over with his clown show?

*This humble writer checks Trump’s most recent popularity polling.*

538 reports Trump is rocking at a 38.6% approval rate and a 55.5% disapproval rate. So, yeah, he’s definitely on track to win in 2020. Because that all he needs to win. Most of the 55.5% won’t vote while the 38.6 are hell bent to back their guy. Crazy sauce and all.

Of course, if the special prosecutor makes a strong case, then we all entire some sort of Nixonian crazy time.


Come on back at 3 pm Eastern and there’ll be jokes.



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