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Alex Jones announced on InfoWars today he and President Trump are set to explore the icy regions under the Earth’s surface and finally discover Aryan subterranean Neanderthals. Jones stated for too long the globalist elites who want to make all men “soy boys” through testosterone killing food additives have hid the truth about cavemen living in the planet’s ice core.

“These caveMEN and caveWOMEN are living their lives far away from the corrupting influence of Jewish Satanic Nazi George Soros,” Jones bellowed and foamed. “The President and I are going underground and discover the Aryan Neanderthals’ secrets. Once we have them the pedophile reptilians are going to pay for their attacks against America.”

Alex Jones went on to say the Aryan Neanderthals are eating the way man was meant to eat. He’s bringing back notes on their diet to create a new line of nutritional supplements — CaveMEN Power© and CaveMEN Power for Her©.

Most people have heard of the Flat Earth Theory. However, most aren’t aware of the World Ice Theory (Welteislehre – (WEL)). World Ice Theory states everything in the universe is a manifestation of ice. The concept was picked up as official doctrine by the German government during the 1930s:

…the followers of WEL came to the conclusion that given the changing political situation in Germany, aligning the idea with National Socialism would eventually lead to its acceptance; WEL had already been heavily and successfully promoted as the “German antithesis” of the “Jewish” theory of relativity in the late 1920s. And so the movement became more and more pro-Nazi, with WEL supporters saying things like: “Our Nordic ancestors grew strong in ice and snow; belief in the Cosmic Ice is consequently the natural heritage of Nordic Man.”, “Just as it needed a child of Austrian culture – Hitler! – to put the Jewish politicians in their place, so it needed an Austrian to cleanse the world of Jewish science.”, and “the Führer, by his very life, has proved how much a so-called ‘amateur’ can be superior to self-styled professionals; it needed another ‘amateur’ to give us a complete understanding of the Universe.”

Fans of Alex Jones and President Trump applaud the men’s expedition to the icy core of our planet. Even though the World Ice Theory doesn’t specifically say Aryan Neanderthals are living under the planet’s surface, many true believers in Jones/Trump assert it’s only common sense. “Ice cavemen want to be near the ice. That’s where they went after Jesus made the Sun hotter,” stated Alex Jones scholar Andy “Big Gulp” Canard.

InfoWars reports the expedition is starting out any day now.

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