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Hey, everyone!

Today I’m reading through Exodus chapters 27-28. God continues to give instructions on how to build the Tabernacle and all the swag his priests are going to wear. God gets quite descriptive because he wants only the most cutting edge fashion for his guys.

I believe this is the first time the Bible mentions the stones the high priest uses for divination — Urim and Thummin. OK, the Bible doesn’t say the priest uses the magic stones for divination. It just states that’s the way the high priest knows God’s will.

So, the Ancient Israelites had what amounts to rune stones. Or maybe Tarot cards to guide their way.

Maybe that’s the reason why they were in the desert for 40 years?

If you’ve read this far (most people don’t read the middle of blog posts) you may be wondering where all those special effects are in this video.

Good question.

It turns out I had a copy of this video with all sets of visual and audio effects, but it was ruined. And since I’m a machine creating blog posts, these videos, the Naked Diner Podcast, and my new series Best Advice Ever I chose to publish this barebones video because I’m short for time.

(Really I uploaded the first video and discovered it was messed up. Then I realized I couldn’t unscrew it up. Meh)

Thanks for your patience.


Here’s the video An Atheist Reads Through The Bible Exodus 27-28

YouTube video

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