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Jackson, Mississippi – Anti-science protesters converged on STEM Center for Toddlers today. The Center provides daycare for area parents. The advocates for anti-science rallied against what they see as ‘Big Science” trying to brainwash the children.

“One minute they’re learning math, the next they’ll be able to figure out how to pay a waitress a tip without one of them there tip calculating cards,” stated protester Karen McKaren.

Many in the crowd of approximately 2,000 held signs with sayings like GRAVITY IS KEEPING ME DOWN and IT’S ADAM AND STEVE NOT HOMO SAPIENS.

Experts believe the eruption of anti-science is just another manifestation of the anti-mask protests raging throughout the poorly educated sections of the country.

Professor Andrew Canard teaches Trumpian Sociology at Miskatonic University. He tweeted this response to the news.

No one is sure when the insanity will end. However, it is clear the Republican drive to undermine faith in government, science, and common decency over the last five decades has yielded a bumper crop of aggressively ignorant Americans.

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