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Twenty-eight-year-old Anthony Canard died last night. The self-proclaimed atheist’s body was found this morning by law enforcement.

His girlfriend became concerned when she saw his tweets from the night before. She reports Mr. Canard was enjoying a YouTube video of a debate.  While many jump to the conclusion it featured an atheist and a Christian squaring off, it wasn’t. Instead, a Mormon was debating an evangelical Christian.

“He always liked to watch atheists prove Christians wrong,” she stated. “But this time was different.”

Indeed, the tweets from Mr. Canard tell the tale of an atheist transfixed by how a Mormon and an evangelical eviscerated each other’s beliefs and characters.

“So, the Mormon is quoting Hitler quoting Martin Luther on how to terrorize said Jews to the evangelical,” one tweet reported, “that was cold. “

Another tweet noted how the Mormon said “The evangelical tradition is death and despair.”

Mr. Canard apparently found the discussion to be amusing.

Too amusing.

Coroners state Mr. Canard died of an advanced case of schadenfreude.

“He had too good a time,” one medical professional happened. “We believe it occurred as soon as he realized somewhere on YouTube there is a video of a Jehovah’s Witness debating a Mormon.”

In related news, Richard Dawkins believes Americans can’t be trusted to educate their own children.

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