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This atheist is atheisting hard.
This atheist hasn’t become numb to the Bible’s insanity as of yet.

Hey, everyone, today we’re reading through some of the meanest and insane parts of the good book, chapters 21 and 22 of Genesis.

Chapter 21 is about that weird sex triangle of Abraham- his wife and half-sister, Sarah – and the sex slave Hagar. You may have noticed that for some crazy reason Sarah doesn’t like Hagar or Hagar and Abraham’s child, Ishmael. Sarah tells Abraham to throw the bums out and God tells Abraham, “Do it, dude.”

Abraham doesn’t exactly set up Hagar and their child, either. Like many other shitty dads, he does the least possible. In this case, he gives his sex slave some water and a bit of bread for her and their child. (We live in such evil/secular times where fathers are expected to pay child support.)

Chapter 22 is where God tells Abraham to go kill me a son (to borrow that line from Bob Dylan). Abraham says, “OK, Boss,” and schleps up a mountain to do the deed. An angel saves the day and prevents the murder. However, I suppose it wouldn’t be murder if God ordered it, right?

A ram is sacrificed instead of Isaac and everything is fine a dandy in the world.

At the end of chapter 21, we are reminded that, yes, there are concubines and God doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.



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