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Actor Will Smith gave up acting and is now a SlapFIGHT professional. This sudden turn in Mr. Smith’s career is partly due to his 10-year ban from attending the Academy Awards. Although he officially said he regrets slapping comedian Chris Rock in front of millions, his latest move to join the SlapFight Championship is raising more questions than answers.

What is Slap Fighting?

No one is sure when the first official slap fight occurred. Archaeologists discovered cave paintings in France that shows two figures slapping the intelligence out of each other. Clay tablets from Ancient Mesopotamia tell of aristocratic youth taking turns slapping each other to show off their toxic masculinity. In modern times, middle school gym classes were the home of slap fighting.

The SlapFIGHT Championship took the hallowed tradition and popularized it. A recent slap fight featured hosts Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jake Paul. SlapFIGHT features fighters with names like Da Crazy Hawaiian, Dudzio, and Solid Slug.

Will Smith and a New Career Path

SlapFIGHT’s CEO Andrew Canard reached out and offered Smith a contract to battle at SlapFIGHT central in Branson, Missouri. Although details of the agreement are private, sources say the Fresh Prince of BelAir is going to have to fight 12 times in a year for an undisclosed 4 figure amount.

Jada supports me 110%. In fact, it was her idea for me to join SlapFIGHT Championship.

Will Smith

Professional sports gamblers universally believe Smith’s professional slapping career is going to be short-lived. “The kid’s got a glass jaw,” one pro said. “It takes more than bad judgment to excel in this game.

In related news, Will Smith abdicated and is no longer a king or a prince.

This Poe is based on the very real story, Will Smith, Chris Rock receive offer of a lifetime from SlapFIGHT Championship

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