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The Selfish-Bat Gene?


Batman is an atheist. Screenrant’s article Batman is An Atheist, DC Comics Confirms tells how Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter ego) was brought up Christian. However, he never bought into the faith hook, line, and sucker.

Sounds like many real life stories.

After his parents’ deaths Bruce gave up on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I suppose it’s difficult to square a deity who is omnipotent and omniscience as well as all-good. (Sounds like a dilemma for Epicurus.)

Screenrant sums up how the Batman writers frame Bruce Wayne’s godless revelation:

Batman identifying as an atheist certainly informs the character’s personality and how he can and will be perceived. However, Batman #53 isn’t the first time that Bruce Wayne has hinted at being an atheist. He’s just never been so explicit about it. It’s important to emphasize that Batman denying former beliefs isn’t portrayed in a distressing, or even negative light. Batman #53 doesn’t leave Bruce Wayne in a much better place emotionally than he was immediately following his wedding to Catwoman. He’s still on a long road to recovery, but Bruce Wayne now reaffirming his atheist [sic] isn’t a hopeless position.

Like I’ve said before, Atheism isn’t losing your faith; it’s finding your brain.

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