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This Trump supporter is squinting into the future to see the America of the 1930’s.

Here is the video, FOD News: Besides Getting Rid Of Minorities, How Would You Make America Great Again? from the Funny or Die squad.

I have a few of my own suggestions listed below the video.



Here are my suggestions how to make ‘Murica great again (you know, once them minorities get tossed out).

  1. Change all the names of the cups at Starbucks from foreign to ‘Merican. Venti turns to Texas. Trenta becomes Trump.
  2. An official guide to European races is decreed by Trump Publishing. Anglo-Saxons are at the top, and Southern Europeans at the bottom (Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese are shoved into one big categorical bag). LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT, FUNNY OR DIE, THE IRISH ARE ABOVE THE SLAVS.
  3.  Jews. They aren’t white. It’s time to stop the insanity on that right away.
  4.  America needs to get back to doing what it does best: invading small countries that have no way of defending themselves. Let’s head back to the halcyon days of attacking places like Panama and Grenada.
  5. Let them eat cake trickle down economics redux. Tax cuts for the rich and some really good platitudes for the masses. No actual cake will be served to anyone making under *$428,713.
  6. **Trump’s Fitter Family Contests Making America great again means resurrecting healthy family competitions. Families will win local contests on the basis of height, tooth health, and the composition of stools. Winners will go to Atlantic City and compete for the national title.
  7. Every Starbucks gets an express line for customers who only want a cup of coffee. (Look, the Germans got the autobahn, and we’ll get express Starbuck’s lines.)


* Yes, that is how much you need to make to be in the top 1%.

** Did you click that link? Spooky and weird stuff, my friends.


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