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On October 17 the Secular Society of MIT put on the Stand-up Sacrilege Comedy Show to celebrate International Blasphemy Rights Day. I performed alongside a bunch of really funny comedians.

You can see the whole show here.

I’m slicing it up parts so that it’s a bit more digestible for your eyes.

Here is emcee Sohan Dsouza introducing comedian Justin P Drew. Justin is a well known Boston comic who performs throughout the region.

Check it out! Justin is a really funny guy. He’s young but has been doing comedy for years!

YouTube video

Here’s where you can find Justin P. Drew
On Facebook!
On the Twittertubes! 
Here’s a comedy documentary Justin was in We bombed on a Train

You can buy Justin’s comedy album The Guy Who Ate the Food 

Find out more about International Blasphemy Rights Day!

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