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Joe Badon is an independent filmmaker who made God Inside My Ear and Sister Tempest has new film projects coming out The Blood of the Dinosaurs and The Wheel of Heaven.

He describes his style as “all about making strange genre mashups, combining everything from dark comedy and family dramas to spiritual surrealism and body horror to cartoons and psychedelia.”

I’m not sure if words can explain what he does. Let’s look at the trailer for The Blood of the Dinosaurs

The Wheel of Heaven is in pre-production. Joe is running a  Kickstarter campaign to raise money. Here’s what that movie is all about:

This is the story of a young woman named Purity (played by Kali Russell) whose car breaks down on a dark empty street in the middle of the night. After a chance encounter with a mysterious party host (played by Jeff Pearson) and his myriad of strange party guests, Purity is left with the existential decision to either break free of her meaningless existence OR simply just succumb to its meaninglessness.

Jack Matirko and I sat down with Joe to talk about his projects. Joe humored me with my current fixation on Igmar Bergman’s film Hour of the Wolf, and we talked about the ups and downs of producing art in the time of COVID.

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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