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Reykjavik, Iceland – This tiny North Atlantic country is going to the dogs. Attempting to enforce the travel ban on radical religious fanatics from the United States of America, Iceland is using specially trained canine units to sniff out televangelists.

Dogs are man’s best friend and televangelists are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Dogs naturally hate televangelists.

Prime Minister Andrew Canard

Iceland’s Prime Minister Andrew Canard grew concerned a few weeks ago when it was clear the travel ban was not being treated seriously by many people in the United States.

“They just got off the plane speaking in tongues and trying to exorcise demons from random people,” Prime Minister Canard said. “Something had to be done.”

Once televangelists realized they would be sent back home immediately, they changed tactics. They waited until they got out of the airport to talk in tongues and exorcise demons. Police were running around the city trying to catch them.

The people of Iceland had enough. They wanted action.

Since the beginning of the ban Icelandic scientists worked with trainers to develop a dog who could sniff out the particular brand of faith-based crazy that was invading their country. Within weeks canine units were ready to do their new job.

“Televangelists stink,” one anonymous scientist said. “In humans, our conscious brains aren’t aware of the odor. In fact, we’ve discovered genes that interfere with the natural defenses people have against televangelists. Dogs, however, don’t have that problem.”

Since the program started twenty televangelists have been caught before they ever stepped foot on Icelandic soil.

The people of Iceland are happy with their government and the specially trained police dogs.

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