Bolsheviks? Are they really bullish*t?
Reading Time: 3 minutes Communists are coming for your presents!
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Boxing Day, another communist plot against American billionaires.
Boxing Day is when Mexicans put White kids into boxes.
A proud pooch from the USA is looking for the 5th column.
This pup is looking for tasty Bolsheviks.

Washington DC – Christmas 2019 is finally over. While many in the United States go back to work on December 26th, Britain and many of its past colonies are enjoying Boxing Day.

And what is Boxing Day?

Some Americans believe it’s just another fake news story coming out of places like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Affordable healthcare? Good public education? Little to no school shootings? All those things have to be a myth. And the idea people in those countries have the day after Christmas off has to be the stuff of fantasy found in the pages of a Harry Potter book.

However, Boxing Day is real, and President Trump hates it.

Boxing Day

CNN explains Boxing Day:

It’s a day to give to the less fortunate. Way back during the Victorian era in Britain, servants were allowed time off to visit their families on December 26, since they had to work for their employers’ Christmas Day celebrations. It became such a standard practice that in 1871, a new holiday was born. It coincides with St. Stephen’s Day, a Christian holiday with similar themes of charity. When Boxing Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it’s observed on the following Monday.

But what does that have to do with boxes?

CNN continues to explain servants in Victorian England servants would get boxes from their employers on December 26th. Those boxes might be filled with leftovers from the Christmas meal that the plebs could take home to their families.

American oligarchs know their workers are more concerned about race than workers’ rights. Why wouldn’t they? Those in power have been blowing racist dog whistles for decades. However, many exploiters of the workers see Boxing Day as an existential threat to their way of life, and it needs to be fought.

Enter, President Donald J. Trump.

Boxing Day, Enemy Of The American People

President Trump may be embroiled in the broiler of impeachment, but that’s not stopping the deluge of crazy coming out of his Twitter account.

Donald Trump tweets Murica.
Boxing Day is a communist plot to put Bernie Sanders into every home of God loving non-Jew Americans! Fight Jewish socialism now!


Trump wants more boxing in Boxing Day.
Boxing Day right now has nothing to do with fighting. Horrible. We need to dedicate the day after Jesus’ birthday to bare knuckle fighting. We need to America this holiday!


Sources state Republican strategists are furious at the boss for talking about Jewish socialism so early in the 2020 campaign. They were hoping to bring out that talking point if Sanders won the nomination.

Andrew Canard is a GOP strategist. He believes in the boss. “Trump keeps punching. We’re just following him,” he stated.

In related news, Greta Thunberg is still in prison for liver punching Trump.


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