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Former FOX News personality Bill O’Reilly is being forced to attend Mrs. Davis’ kindergarten class so that he can learn his manners.

Judge Andrew Canard handed down the punishment after watching this video of Mr. O’Reilly threatening a JetBlue employee. The employee’s crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Hill reported the story:

“What you’re gonna do … It’s three hours late,” O’Reilly said to the JetBlue employee in the video obtained by The Daily Mail and published Tuesday.

”No, no, no, You’re gonna find out,” the 72-year-old added ahead of his delayed flight on April 3 to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“You f—ing scumbag. Don’t talk to me like that,” O’Reilly also said in response to something inaudible that the employee told him.

“You’re going to lose your job,” the former Fox host told the employee before walking away.

“Mrs. Davis taught my 4-year-old grandson it isn’t right to yell at people when he’s upset,” Judge Canard said. “I’m hoping she can do the same for Mr. O’Reilly.”

Bill O’Reilly forced to attend a kindergarten class because he has no class? That’s justice.

Anonymous JetBlue Employee

Mrs. Davis believes she’s up to the task. Over her 20 years in the classroom, she’s had to deal with all sorts of immature behavior.

Will Mr. O’Reilly spend some time in the thinking chair in order to calm himself down? Insiders believe so.

Lawyers representing the disgraced conservative personality say Bill O’Reilly will attend the court-ordered kindergarten class. However, they are quick to point out there is no guarantee he will comprehend the course material.

“He just yells words most of the time,” one lawyer admitted.

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