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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has courted the religious right by claiming a school shooting was a false flag event designed to strip guns away from good Christian homes. And who can forget when Greene blamed wildfires on Jewish space lasers?

So when the representative from Georgia’s 14th district went on OAN and decried Nancy Pelosi’s secret police, calling them “the Nancy Pelosi Gazpacho,” many were surprised. More were not.

Psychologists and sociologists have long noted that a constant state of conservative moral outrage is a reliable indicator of “shady shit” going on behind the curtain. Comedian and accused sex offender Bill Cosby seemed to take pleasure shaming Black men for wearing their pants “too low” right before the accusations of his misdeeds came to light. Comedian and serial masturbator/accused sex offender Louis CK reportedly gave fellow comedian Pete Davidson a hard time for smoking marijuana before etc.

New information reveals Marjorie Taylor Greene is cut from the same hypocritical cloth. It turns out Greene is heavily involved with the far-right militia, White Gazpacho. White Gazpacho’s legions of followers are willing to fight and die for conspiracies like white gazpacho replacement theory and white gazpacho genocide.

White Gazpacho will not be replaced by any colored soup that is served chilled!

The White Gazpacho manifesto

Documents show Greene urging members to storm bistros, engage in show trials of chefs who spread what she calls the “dogma” of critical soup theory, and tear up “fake news” menus and replace them with Cyber Ninja certified ones.

White Gazpacho traditionally includes plenty of crackers

Republican leaders are supporting Greene in her hour of need. GOP leadership released a statement saying, “Marjorie Taylor Greene is engaging in legitimate political discourse.” If anything, her support for white gazpacho nationalism is earning her more supporters in her district.

“Greene and White go together like soup and crackers,” she said.

In related news, banned books are being replaced with these ones.

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