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For you kids out there, this is what 50 is like. You go to be bed early. This isn’t because you are super sleepy. It’s because you know how difficult it is to get more than 7 hours of sleeps. After tossing and turning you wake up after after an hour or so. After watching a few videos, you go back to sleep. Toss. Turn. Repeat. If you’re lucky you cobble together 7 hours. I was lucky. I got 7.7 hours last night.

That’s my story. It has nothing to do with BBC’s video The only British slang you need to know in 2018 – BBC.

And, yes, there are subtitles. Thank my fictitious God there are subtitles.

Check it out!

YouTube video

I don’t think a lot of pagans want pagan used like that. It’s a recipe for Twitter wars without end.

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