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Brooklyn’s Museum of Failure (BMF) opened its Donald Trump exhibit and people are flocking to see it. This small institution is seeing record attendance and is having to turn away people.

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

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The BMF is the creation of Professor Andrew Canard. He wanted to create a space where visitors could learn about and enjoy really, really bad ideas, products, and historical events. “Humanity should learn from our mistakes,” Professor Canard said. “For example, putting explosive hydrogen gas in a Zeppelin was a poor choice. No one should ever do that again.”

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The museum was not popular with tourists until the new Trump exhibit opened. After all, with all its major landmarks and things to do in Manhattan, the BMF was simply just a sideshow.

All that changed when Professor Canard was reading up on the number of lawsuits facing Trump and his allies at FOX News. Why not dedicate a space to the man who turned whatever he touched into poo?

BMF boasts that it has all the classic Trump epic fails. The exhibit features audio of that fateful phone call begging for more Georgia votes, the Make America Great Again caps made in China, and of course, his two impeachments and recent grand jury indictment. Of course, no Hall of Trump Failure would be complete without Trump claiming he won Powerball, the former President claiming he was holding nuclear secrets at his home “for a friend,” and his claim that Jesus made him King of Democracy.

Parents are warned that small children could be adversely affected by being around so much failure at one time. Child psychologists are suggesting kids under the age of ten should only visit the Trump exhibit for twenty minutes. As a follow-up to visiting the BMF visitors are being urged to read Crazy Stuff Dictators Do: Insane But True Stories You Won’t Believe Actually Happened in order to put Trump in a historical perspective.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Republican presidential hopeful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is rumored to be visiting the BMF soon.

In related news, New England plans to secede and New Jersey wants in.

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