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Jonathan Burrello is an incredibly talented artist and comedian! He’s stopping by and sharing stories.

This is going to be a live show (though you can watch it later) that we’re doing at 11 am Eastern on August 14th.

I hope you join us!

Here’s a bit about Jonathan from his about page:

I am a wandering comic artist and the creator of Soggy, Secret Keys, Blinky & Sal, Barb, and, hopefully, much more to come.

I have had many jobs over the years. I’ve been a pizza slicer, a bookseller, a TV extra, a mail-house packer, a movie critic, a substitute teacher, a special needs aide, a forensics coach, an adjunct speech professor, an ESL teacher, a radio host, an online tutor, a comedian, an improv performer, a ghostwriter, a playwright, a storyboard artist, and an illustrator. But nothing has given me quite as much pleasure as filling a blank piece of paper with some dopey-eyed critters.

Awhile back (circa. 2009) I started doing the Secret Keys comic strip with one of my old roommates. So we invented The Big Insane Happy. My cartoons have graced the pages of in Magic Bullet, 10 Magazine, Mandrill Comics, Patheos Nonreligious, Toco Cat Comics, Waygeek, netSideBar, Groove Magazine, The Sequential Samurai, Art Nouveau Magazine, The Alternative Chronicle, and others. I have also performed with Stand-Up Seoul, Freshly Comedy, Stand Up Yours, Tringlish, Calimocho Kids, Box of Bees, and guested on a few podcasts including Naked Diner and Uncensored English. I am also on the board of advisers for the African Cartoon Centre.

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