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Helen of Troy was supposedly such a beauty that her face launched 1,000 ships. Sometimes a meme strikes a chord that launches a gaggle of retweets and comments. (Note: the chances of a meme going viral is directly related to whether or not it features a cat and references Nazis).

For your entertainment, here is my latest bit of socio-political commentary in cat meme form.

Credit: Me.

A common response (and I will be sharing a few responses from Twitter and Facebook) is that Nazis were socialists. I’d like to direct those people to the article The right needs to stop falsely claiming the Nazis were socialists.

Here’s a taste from the piece to whet your appetite.

Instead of controlling the means of production or redistributing wealth to build a utopian society, the Nazis focused on safeguarding a social and racial hierarchy. They promised solidarity for members of the Volksgemeinschaft (“racial community”) even as they denied rights to those outside the charmed circle.

The right needs to stop falsely claiming the Nazis were socialists

Now, as I promised, here comes some fun from the comments!

I posted the meme on the Laughing in Disbelief Facebook page and got a mix of responses.

This one stirred the pot a bit.

Thank you, Mr. Geo for being so wrong and being so vocal about it. It’s nice to see my humble page is reaching the FOX News demographic.

I’d like to give Dennis Raney the I couldn’t agree with you more award.

And now let’s see how Twitter responded to this reflection. I was surprised it received such a warm response.

Do you have any catchy phrases or insights you’d like to see in a cat meme? Put them in the comments and maybe you’ll be the proud parent of the most meowtiful pic!

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