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Tampa, Florida – Elliot and Ruth Hall who are self-identified acts of God fans made it to this city of 400,000 just before Hurricane Ian hits. This Baptist couple can’t get enough of their God and His disastrous and mysterious ways.

We like to sing “Nearer, My God To Thee” when we’re in the middle of a hurricane.

ElLiot Hall reports Hurricane Ian is expected to be a powerful category 4 system with winds at 140 mph. The coast will face massive property destruction from the storm surge. Residents are urged to flee their homes and seek shelter.

But to the Halls, that’s just a sign from God that He wants them there.

Elliot is a retiree who worked as an electrical engineer and his wife Ruth was the church organist and choir director for their local church for thirty-five years. These two seventy-somethings love America, apple pie, as well as divine will masquerading as natural disasters.

They both got the bug for traveling to disaster zones while living through the Blizzard of ’78. “It was bad. We lost power and everything outside was covered in icy snow,” Ruth said. “We prayed and prayed for the immigrants would leave. They didn’t, but we felt the miracle of Christ’s love like never before.’

Ever since that fateful storm, the two dedicated their lives to visiting hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, heat waves, forest fires, and political disaster areas like Texas. Wherever God is acting the Halls try to be there.

The two stalwart evangelicals rented out a house right on Tampa Bay to witness the anointings Hurricane Ian is bringing. “God is baptizing Tampa with His presence,” Elliot said. “It’s all part of His plan.”

Many area ministers, priests, and other religious figures simply didn’t have the time to respond to questions from OnlySky reporter Andrew Canard. They were packing up and fleeing to higher ground. “I have my cat and my emergency pack,” one anonymous pastor said. “It’s like what the Bible says, God helps those who flee from His plan.”

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