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Pope Francis urges all people to fight the persecution of Christians in the United States of America.

A new report by the Catholic watchdog group Aegis reveals Christians are being persecuted at disturbing rates in the United States of America. Catholics in particular are being targeted by state, local, and federal governments. To make matters worse, nongovernmental organizations are also partaking in the abuse.

”You don’t need to see the report,” explained Aegis head Father Andrew Canard. “Turn on the news and it’s right there in your face.”

The report paints a grim picture of Christian persecution:

  • Seven Catholic children recently died while in government custody.
  • The United States government is detaining hundreds of children from their Catholic parents.
  • There is a cabal of private and public interests focused on the verbal, economic, and physical abuse of Catholics in the United States. This cabal includes many leading Republicans including Vice President Mike Pence, and President Donald Trump.

Aegis states the levels of cognitive dissonance — the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change — is at an all time high in the country. Most everyday Americans who self-identify as evangelicals fully support the attacks on Christianity.

“Have you talked to an evangelical Trump supporter?” asked Father Canard. “One minute they’re ranting about Muslims persecuting Christians. And a second later they’re telling you how attacking Catholics in the United States is a good thing.”

The report identifies FOX News, AM talk radio, fascist YouTubers, and podcasters as fanning the flames of religious intolerance. Their main weapons are a poorly educated public and simple slogans like If you don’t like this country, then leave it and America is a Christian country!

No one knows how long Christians are going to be persecuted in the United States. Some are hoping the 2020 election will usher in a period of greater religious tolerance.


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