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I don’t agree with comedian Adam Corolla in everything, but he is one entertaining guy as evidenced in this video Adam Carolla on Being Atheist and Dealing with Hypocrites. I will say I enjoyed his shtick on atheism and how to properly sell out. One of the other subjects we agree on is the Principle of Fuck Me Money. You may be acquainted with the concept of fuck you money. It’s the idea you have enough cash on hand to do morally questionable acts. For example, at one point in my life, I may have had a not so secret desire to have a bag of 50 dollar bills. Said bills would be crunched up. There may or may not be drenched with my spit. At some point in my fuck you money fantasy (fantasy, people, this is only a fantasy) I may be throwing the spit soaked wadded up 50s at people I don’t like.

See, that’s fuck you money.

As Mr. Corolla points out fuck me money is having enough cash to say “I know this is going to cost me more money fighting for principle as against to wussying out, but look at me! I have the cash to do so.”

The main difference between he and me is that he has the financial backing to do so. Me? I have a penny jar to bankroll my obstinacy.

Enjoy the clip. Many of you won’t like his take on certain subjects but don’t worry. There will be another joke or three in the next post you may laugh at.


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