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Different comedians deal with hecklers in different ways. I heard Jerry Seinfeld likes to take a moment and ask the person what’s wrong and get the crowd to play therapist for the heckler.

Comedian Marc Maron isn’t Jerry Seinfeld.

You may know Marc from his stand-up (Too Real), his old IFC show Maron, his WTF podcast (a personal fave of mine), and Netflix’s GLOW.

I’m not sure what the woman said to get the full Maron treatment. It must have had something to do with Jesus because Marc explains his position on the guy.

Check it out.

YouTube video

Here’s the transcript of what went down.

So okay, well, I’m glad you love Jesus Christ. I’m not gonna have an argument with you and you know with your strange Christian confidence. Go forth and do what Jesus does.

(Heckler responds)

All right, we just love Jesus. You like a dead Jew that’s supposed to have done some tricks. And look I’m not gonna argue with you. I mean, I can believe what I believe. You can believe what you believe.

I don’t believe what you believe. And I will give you that Jesus was one of the great Jewish magicians. And there’s a history. There’s history of Jewish magicians. HarryHoudini was a Jew. His real name was Weiss. David Copperfield, of course, classic Jew magician. They just took their careers in a different direction. They did not want the pressure that Jesus put himself through.

I don’t really have a point here. I guess what I’m saying is, yes Jesus can walk on water but if he fell in wearing a straitjacket could he get out? Could he?

If you want more fun, then check out comedian Taylor Tomlinson talking about her religious dad.

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